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Tricol Biomedical

Tricol Biomedical, Inc. (formerly HemCon Medical Technologies, Inc.) is a global leader in hemostasis and infection control products with a full range of devices under the HemCon brand indicated for professional medical, surgical, trauma, military, and consumer OTC (over the counter) applications.

The company and HemCon brand were originally established in 2001 on one simple premise: save and improve lives. With an initial foundation in chitosan based hemostatic solutions, the company has evolved into a global medical products company encompassing a variety of innovative technologies, platforms, and products that serve the acute care, military, and consumer medical markets. The HemCon brand has been synonymous to reliable and safe bleeding control technologies for decades, and the company plans to continuously innovate and bring new technologies and applications to the marketplace, as well as expanding into new markets.

Tricol Biomedical