With the Google Analytics Tracking Link Builder, easily create tagged links with custom campaign variables.

Once created and published, track which of your promotions are generating the most traffic/conversions. For example, consider setting up a unique tracking link for each document download redirect, status update, or wall post on Facebook.

For even better results, paste the resulting link into a shortcode redirector and publish only the shortcode.

Create A Google Analytics Tracked Link Now

Step 1. Paste Your Initial Link

The target or final landing address of your website or page

Step 2. Add Tags

Note: Campaign Source, Campaign Medium and Campaign Name should always be used.

(referrer: google, JanTwitter, newsletter4)

(marketing medium: cpc, banner, email)

(product, promo code, or slogan)

(optional: identify the paid keywords)

(optional: use to differentiate specific ads or docs)

Step 3. Copy Tracking Link

(Copy this link and post instead of the raw link for Google Analytics tracking)

Step 4. Publish Your Tracking Link

Your tracking link can now be used for ads, social media, page links, emails, or just about anything.

After you have published your link, you will see clicks in your Google Analytics, categorized by Source, Medium, Campaign Name, Term, and Content.