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Sun Country Tours

From its humble beginnings as a small business run from a garage, Sun Country Tours has evolved into one of the largest and most respected river outfitters in the Northwest. They value their role as ambassadors to our incredible natural environment for families who want to create special, lasting memories.  Sun Country Tours strives to carry on the distinguished outfitter tradition of providing access to–and interpretation of–our remarkable landscape.

The Challenge

A Promise of fun and freedom

Sun Country Tours has offered stellar rafting tours in Central Oregon for years. But their existing site didn't capture the exhilaration and genuine fun of their business.

The Solution

Alpine created an adventure-themed web site with bright colors, lots of action photos, and a friendly feel. The client had lots of information to communicate about each trip—from when shuttles depart, to what to wear, to how long the rafting trip lasts—and wanted to minimize the high volume of calls from customers seeking answers to those questions. Alpine carefully merchandised the tour pages to highlight the fun of the trip, but also address all the other important details.

The Result

Sun Country Tours noticed an immediate drop in "busy work" calls, a good indication that the website was doing a good job of providing customers with the information they needed up front. Even more exciting, Sun Country experienced a 30% increase in online bookings, thanks to the prominent "book now" calls to action throughout the site. As online bookings increase, staff are no longer bogged down with phone registrations and are free to focus on developing the business in other ways.

Sun Country Tours