FOR EACH Project

Daily pre-standup PM: Is the Project Done?

If No

PM/AM: Are there any missing Milestones?  Add them now.  What other Milestones
are required so this project may be completed? Repeat.
PM: Define the Next Milestone for this project.

Yes – Congratulations!

PM/AM: Send project wrap-up email to client.
AM: Send final invoice to client AP.
AM: Start maintenance plans.
AM: Start maintenance plan invoicing.

About Projects

Projects are a contracted assignment we complete for a client, for compensation.

Not all compensation is immediate, or financial.  

Daily and hourly activities are described for Project Manager (PM), Account Manager (AM), Team Member (TEAM).


FOR EACH Project’s Next Milestone

Daily @ standup PM to TEAM: Is this Milestone done?

If No

PM: Are there any required Task Lists missing?  Add them now.
PM: Should any non-required Task List be delayed (moved under another milestone)?
Repeat until all known Task Lists required to deliver exist under the Next Milestone.

If Yes – Congratulations!

PM: Send summary email to client, note completed task lists, note progress to project completion.
PM: Send any contracted invoice tied to this milestone.
PM: Mark this milestone as done.
PM: Confirm new Next Milestone with AM.

About Milestones

Milestones are made up of Task Lists. There is no reason why a task list contains certain tasks. EXCEPT, that production decides why they are grouped for technical reasons.  

The Next Milestone is special.  Activity under the Next Milestone gets daily attention.  

A milestone has a due date.  All tasks tied to a task list, under a milestone will be assigned the milestone date.

Task Lists

FOR EACH Active Task List under the Next Milestone

Daily @standup PM to TEAM: Is this Task List done?

If No

PM: Are there any missing tasks?  Add those tasks.
TEAM: Is there another team member who could more efficiently complete any tasks you have?
TEAM: Does another team member need help with a task they are currently working?
PM: Will any of the listed tasks take longer than one hour?  If so, break them up into subtasks.

If Yes – Congratulations!

Move on.  This task list will disappear on it’s own.

About Task Lists

Task Lists are tasks grouped for reasons related to production. A task list should always be assigned to a milestone.  

A milestone is completed when all attached task lists are completed.

Task lists may be moved to other milestones for production reasons, but should not impact completion of milestone requirement without client understanding and approval.

Tasks and Subtasks

FOR EACH Active Task (under the Next Milestone)

Hourly TEAM: Is this Task done?

If No

TEAM: Any missing subtasks?  What else needs to be done before this can be considered done?
Add missing task(s) or subtask(s), add tasks for work you have already done, check them off.
Also add tasks for remainder of work to complete the parent task.  Repeat.
TEAM: Does this task need QA? Tasks are dependent on subtasks.  Structure QA accordingly.
TEAM: Are all of my tasks or subtasks less than an hour?  If not, split the task into subtasks.  Repeat.

Yes – Congratulations!

TEAM: Add comments with text and visual proof (screenshot, video) that the task is done.
TEAM: Mark the task as done.

About Tasks

Tasks are self-defined by a production team member.  

Tasks should not be made by one person, then assigned to another (unless by mutual agreement).  

A full day of Tasks should be written before the daily standup meeting.  The current Task plan may change during the standup meeting.  

Any one Task should take no more than one hour to complete, unless the task has subtasks.  If subtasks are defined, they should take no longer than one hour.

All Subtasks must be done before the parent Task is done. Task names should be immediately recognizable.  

Tasks should include detailed notes.  Notes should clearly define what the future is like, when this task is done.  

Tasks should not have their own due dates.  Due dates are tied to milestones.