Brian is a trusted guide of digital business, marketing, and operations for over 140 organizations, local to Bend, Oregon and worldwide.  

Brian is an outstanding resource as a consultant, helping this audience understand the role of our local recreation district, it’s community, and how citizens interact via web-based touchpoints.

In business over 15 years, totaling over 25 years of client-server and web-based technology.

A trained developer himself and 10 year veteran of silicon valley pioneer Intel Corporation, Brian has also guided his own company for over 15 years, delivering versatile and effective websites, mobile apps, providing rock-solid hosting and support.

Knowledge and experience of current website best practices including usability and user experience.

As a technology partner with key global business leaders such as Google and Amazon, Brian is a bold child of silicon valley, where “only the paranoid survive”.  This relentless drive forward has resulted in broad experience with usability and user experience disciplines.

Experience with large agency websites such as government, hospitals, schools, universities, organizations or businesses.

With clients ranging from small businesses and startups to over 500MM in yearly revenue, Brian is able to deftly understand, reach out, and relate to a wide range of constituents.

Specifically, Brian has led development teams working with Apple, IBM, Intel, Hewlett-Packard, University of Alaska, Bend Park & Recreation, Portland Public Schools, the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs, Redmond’s Housing Works, and many other organizations.

Experience with websites.

By personally leading the development of more than 500 corporate, government, or non-profit websites (and most over 100 pages), Brian understands the scale of systems, content, and skills required to manage and support large repositories of content.  In addition, Brian is an expert content modeler — the technique of building content management schemas for the long term maintenance of structured content.  For example, refer to the Bend Parks Directory.

Experience with website databases and integrated software.

Brian is a recognized expert in WordPress, the sophisticated content management system that powers 25% of the Internet today.  At the founding of his company, in 1999, Brian was the sole author of the groundbreaking Center Stage content management system.  He has architected “big data” models including very large scale data management projects for his own company, Hewlett-Packard, and Intel Corporation.

Experience with wide variety of web tools such as widgets, plugins, mapping and GIS information technology.

Brian and his staff are well known in the WordPress community and by influential developers from Google and Amazon as power users of their platforms.  Brian has been instrumental in spearheading a robust, enterprise-class plugin and theme deployment system for WordPress.  In addition, Brian has broad experience in commercializing new technologies for practical usage by public website visitors — as in with mapping.

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