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FloTech Valves, A Manufacturing Website Case Study

FloTech serves Industrial buyers seeking suppliers that can become a reliable partner. An Alpine website demonstrates elegance, reliability, and accuracy.

The Challenge

Like most B2B companies, selling and marketing to customers is different from B2C companies. Here, the B2B online marketplace includes industrial buyers seeking suppliers who not only can provide or manufacture to their specifications, but can also become lasting partners. This kind of relationship takes time to cultivate. This kind of partnership requires trust. To be an effective, trustworthy partner, Flotech knew they needed a way to better illustrate their capabilities, knowledge base and expertise. They knew their website was falling short, not fully showing what they offered.

The Solution

To build and sustain a relationship, information, details, articles and other content were needed to keep Flotech’s customers interested and coming back. One of the best ways to garner trust is to know your customers well.   For Flotech, their customers needed to move around the site easily and quickly. The site had to be straightforward, organized, and full of relevant and interesting information.

The Result

Flotech's branding was kept intact, as they are well established. The large lists of brands and products and product details are now well organized by product attributes, and the site itself is easy to navigate. Along with detailed information, there are articles of interest, photos and videos, and a client portal. Customers can now rely on Flotech's website for useful information and details, just like they've relied on FloTech as a supplier.  A trusted website is a trusted supplier.

About FloTech, Inc.

Flotech provides valve repair, tube repairs, safety valve certification, valve actuation, control valve repair and new valves from locations throughout the US Southeast. With the combination of valve expertise, in-house machining capabilities, valve/parts inventory and complete tube services, Flotech is a true full-service center. Flotech operates customer service centers in Jacksonville, FL. and Charleston, SC. From these locations, they can provide complete valve repair service as well as valve actuation, modification, certification and testing for the US Southeast area: Florida, Georgia, Virginia, South and North Carolina.

FloTech, Inc.