Periodically, we have clients ask the question… Why is Alpine using WordPress as a website platform?  Isn’t it just blogging software?  Can it handle a non-blog website?

The answer? Years ago, WordPress was originally built to be just a blogging platform. But, due to it’s overwhelming market acceptance as a mature, simple and user-friendly solution for quickly posting content, it has evolved into a very capable multi-purpose platform.

This isn’t just our opinion. This viewpoint is shared by a very large number of professionals in the field. I have not personally talked with anyone unimpressed unless they once used an old version, or have no personal experience with the software at all.

WordPress certainly does has limitations, but it is a dramatic improvement over all other entry-level products that I know of in both it’s current capabilities and potential.

We’ve chosen WordPress because it stands up as the best choice for webmasters looking for a simple web site manager.

Remember Betamax?  The huge consumer brand, Sony lost a famous standards war to VHS in the late 70’s and early 80’s.  Here’s why WordPress has a VHS-type of lead on the rest of the market:


The theme gallery is comprehensive.  That alone makes this a great value, but there are three primary factors that make the WP themes superior:

1. Most of the free themes in the gallery allow for (basic administrator user) color and image replacement customization. Most even provide color pickers assisting the user in making simple design tweaks.

2. Hundreds of third party theme designers developing thousands of themes at very low cost. Have a look at the themes at Over 400 for WordPress, all at $35 or less.  Wow.

3. WordPress themes are a standard. Nearly all web designers with a current skill set know how to build a WordPress theme. This standardization results in a competitive global marketplace producing high quality and low cost.


Themes are not the only extensible components. WordPress has hundreds of plugins to do many things never envisioned by the original developers.

An example — when WordPress was originally developed, Facebook and Twitter both were merely a twinkle in their developer’s eye.   But, today there are over 140 plugins developed specifically for Facebook and Twitter integration. There might even be 25 more before the end of the year.

The developmental velocity on this product is amongst the best I have ever seen. You cost for all this is zero.

Strategy vs. Tactics

It is our enduring belief that WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Center Stage and other products are only tools. They need to be expertly used, best by the strategic craftsman that has the end in mind.

Often, your best and lowest cost educational strategy is to attend Alpine’s free locals classes each week on Fridays covering a variety of basic to advanced topics.

Sure, we learn about specific tactics, tools and technology, but there is plenty of value in followup discussions and how these tools are applied.  These sessions are immensely valuable for attendees as together we work on many of the strategic issues we face in the most dynamic business (and even social) environment ever known to mankind.

These classes are free for locals.   Even better than free, I’ve had people tell me that the cost of spending a Friday morning at Alpine is far less expensive than making mistakes in public, looking unprofessional, and wasting your own time learning “by experience”.

Alpine – your designated hitter

Of course, the same Alpine staff are available to provide one-on-one assistance. We charge for 20 minute blocks either meeting, consulting, designing, or coding. You may find this to be worthwhile as many of our clients prefer this route. However, realistically this is only a short term solution to get you out of a jam *or* to achieve a specific, one-time goal.

There is a fundamental truth here that hasn’t changed since Alpine’s beginning years ago.  To build a web property of value, a site owner must pay close attention to the audience’s needs — short, medium, and long term.  Close observation and careful response

Those needs will drive feedback

Alpine or any other developer, designer, or consultant simply cannot do all of this for you.  However, we are here on your team as an asset to be used at your disposal. We are willing and able to help you succeed.

You are welcome to utilize our expertise as fully as you can.